About Faculty of Da'wa and Communication Science

Vision and Mission

Vision of the Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Science

Become a leading faculty in education, research, and community service based on da'wah and communication sciences within the framework of integration of science, Islam, and Indonesianness at the regional and international levels in 2026.

Mission of Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Science

Mission of Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Science are:

  1. Embedding al-akhlaq al-karimah (good character) as the main character of students and the basis for developing knowledge, leadership, and life skills;
  2. Organising and developing quality education and learning systems in the fields of da'wah and communication sciences;
  3. Organising and developing research models that integrate da'wah science and communication science;
  4. Organising and developing new models of Muslim community development as interpretations of da'wah' bi al-hal (Preaching with the means) in community service;
  5. Building networks with educational, research, socio-religious and business institutions to strengthen the institutional capacity of the faculty, expand and sharpen studies that lead to scientific integration;